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Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

If you are bored with your daily office work and the same daily routine in Mumbai, You can visit on a weekend with your family and friends nearby waterfall in the rainy season. Where you can feel the fresh air and a greener atmosphere, these one-day picnic places promise to disconnect you from the clamor and pollution of cities and transport you to a world of serenity.

If you are thinking of a short break, then gather your friends and relatives to plan a nearby drive down to one of these beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai where you can escape from the chaos of everyday life and just relax amidst nature. Here’s our guide to some of the best waterfalls near Mumbai that you should experience.

There are many beautiful waterfalls nearby Mumbai and around its territorial limits that you may not have heard of them so here, we are going to list. These waterfalls owing to their aesthetic appeal, beautiful nature with green mountains where you can capture memorable pictures.

Most of these waterfalls including waterfalls also feature some exciting trekking trails nearby that make these sites perfect treats for adventure junkies as well.

Listed below are some of the best waterfalls near Mumbai & Navi Mumbai that will make your weekend full of enjoyment! So check them out!

1. Yeoor Waterfall (27 km from Mumbai)
2. Pandavkada Falls (30 km from Mumbai)
3. Adai New Panvel waterfall (40 km from Mumbai)
4. Chinchoti Waterfall (60 km from Mumbai)
5. Bhagirath Falls (66 km from Mumbai)
6. Vangani Waterfall (68 km from Mumbai)
7.. Bhivpuri Waterfalls (80 km from Mumbai)
8. Kune Falls (82 km from Mumbai)
9. Vihigaon Waterfall (125 km from Mumbai)
10. Malshej Falls (126 km from Mumbai)
11. Umbrella Falls (161 km from Mumbai)
12. Randha Falls (165 km from Mumbai)
13. Dabdaba Falls (168 km from Mumbai)
14. Devkund Waterfalls (170 km from Mumbai)
15. Dugarwadi Waterfall (185 km from Mumbai)
16. Bhilar Falls (250 km from Mumbai)
17. Lingmala Waterfall (260 km from Mumbai)
18. Chinaman’s Waterfall (261 km from Mumbai)
19. Dhobi Waterfalls (264 km from Mumbai)
20. Vajraj Falls (280 km from Mumbai)
21. Thoseghar Falls (290 km from Mumbai)
22. Dudhsagar Falls (570 km from Mumbai)

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